Find out what 31 October has in store for you, according to our GingerComms forecast*….


23 October to 21 November:

Passionate, intense and secretive Scorpio, you will come into your own on Halloween, as you are the sign that loves 31 October the most (according to our research). Trust your determination to have a good time on this special night and make it happen. Shake off the past and look to the future – and if you don’t believe in magic now, you might well do so very soon.


22 November to 20 December:

You’re the most pragmatic and down-to-earth sign out there, and the least likely to believe you’ll encounter a ghost or a ghoul on 31 October. But let your adventurous spirit come out to play, and you might well have some spontaneous – if not spooky – fun on the big day. But beware of someone whose name begins with W.


December to 19 January:

Ok, so you’re the star sign that is most likely to have seen a ghost, so Halloween is always an eye-opening time for you. But a shift in energy means that on 31 October this year the time is ripe for networking and socialising. So get off the sofa and get out there on the big day. And it’s time you used your amazing gut instinct for yourself for once in your life.


20 January to 17 February:

You’re intelligent, unique and idealistic – and the sign most likely to want to be a witch or wizard. So this Halloween is your time to shine. Adventure waits for you, so throw caution to the wind and get ready for life-changing news. It’s time for you to say YES – but not to anyone carrying a pumpkin.


18 February to 19 March:

You’re emotionally sensitive and aware – and we know, because of our research, that Halloween is your  least favourite time of year. So batten down the hatches this year and invest yourself wisely. But you might want to start thinking of making long term (and long distance) plans, as a change is afoot after the end of the month.


20 March to 19 April:

In most cases, you are a courageous and adventurous sign, but not at this time of year. You’re most likely of all the signs to be frightened of ghosts and the supernatural, but don’t let this put you off having fun this Halloween. However pay attention to who you are with – and not with – on the big day. Luck comes in the form of a cat.


20 April to 20 May:

You’re reliable, loyal, sensual – and the sign most likely to be scared of the dark, so keep the night light on this Halloween, but don’t miss out on the festivities. There’s going to be movement in your love realm coming up, so expect new experiences and look out for the number eight.


21 May to 20 June:

Your intuition is spot on, especially at the moment, so trust your instincts this Halloween. You’re also the sign most likely to believe you have psychic powers – if you feel something is a bit off, you’d be wise to avoid it. Turn on the famous Gemini charm on 31 Oct though, as there is someone in a crowded room you need to meet.


21 June to 21 July:

Self-protective and security seeking, you’re the sign most likely to describe themselves as a ‘scaredy cat.’ So this spooky time of year can sometimes get a bit overwhelming for you. However, this year you need to be brave as good things are coming. Expect a life upgrade Cancer – this is your time.


22 July to 22 August:

You’re drama-adoring, ambitious and fiercely protective of yourself and those you love. Little wonder then perhaps that Leos more than any other sign have tried to cast a spell. So embrace your inner witch or wizard this Halloween and make a wish – you might be surprised when it comes true.


23 August to 22 September:

You are logical, practical and pragmatic – yet you’re the sign most likely to love watching horror movies. You relish the macabre and embrace it this year on Halloween by dressing up in the most frightening costume you can find. And although blowing caution to the wind isn’t really your style, you might find yourself doing so on 31 Oct.


23 September to 22 October:

The most attractive of all the signs, your inner and outer beauty shine through at all times of year, and especially in party season. So get glammed up this Halloween and get out there. A vampire costume might be apt, as you’re the sign that most believe they really exist. Stalled goals should be reached soon – but do steer clear of garlic.

*Forecast based on research by Perspectus Global and some complete guesswork by the GingerComms team, so please take these predictions with a very large pinch of salt.