After having seen a recent LinkedIn post about Clients From Hell, that resonated with an awful lot of agency people, we decided to take a positive perspective and think about our Clients from Heaven, and why we like them so much.

We’re naming no names, but this is a big shout out to all the PR and digital agencies, and in-house marketing and brand teams that we work with time and time again – you know who you are…

Here’s what we love most about you:

1) You come to us early in a campaign

Sometimes when you’re at pitch stage. This means we can have a frank and honest conversation about what will and won’t work for news media, before you’ve pitched an idea to your client/ marketing director. And as our brainstorms are FREE, you talk to us frequently about what you’re working on, and send us early stage briefs to get the creative juices flowing.

2) You outline your expectations from the outset

So there are no surprises down the line. If a partnership, activation or initiative needs to be mentioned in coverage, you tell us this straight off. You also tell us your dream media titles, and any nightmare ones. 

3) You trust us

You’re coming to us as we are news gen specialists. We are experts at using consumer research to land widespread coverage, and everything we do is designed to make the project a success. You ask questions if something isn’t clear, and flag any concerns you may have, but ultimately you trust our answers.

4) You know that landing coverage can take time

Gone are the days when a sell in would yield all coverage the following day. With staff shortages on papers, a very busy news agenda so less daily space for PR stories, and with online coverage often dropping up to a week after a sell in, you know that it can take some time for everything to land. And you know that we’ll keep trying until we get you the coverage you need.

5) You tell us when you’re happy

Our whole business is set up to convert campaigns into coverage, and nothing makes us happier than landing a great story that conveys the brand’s key messaging and drives lots of hits. And we work really hard to do this. When you give us good feedback on a sell in, we love it – it makes the team feel fulfilled and makes us want to work even harder for you next time.