At GingerComms, our passion is landing national news media coverage with consumer research.

We’ve been doing this for leading PR agencies and household name brands for the past nine years, and so know a thing or two about how to make it work.

So here are our top three tips on getting the balance right, and creating content that news desks will love and which convey your brand’s key messages:

1. Avoid the obvious

If your research confirms something that is already well-known, and/or merely adds to a plethora of existing data, then it’s not going to get traction. Findings that buck a trend are another matter however. As is data that delves deeper into a known trend. But always aim to go beyond what has already been shown to be true.

2. Spark a conversation – or add to a debate

When we brainstorm ideas, we try to think about themes or topics that would be discussed in the pub, or on social media. We are always looking for an angle that relates to a hot topic – and if the story doesn’t get us excited (and arguing a bit!) we go back to the drawing board.

3. Go wider than your brand

PR is all about creating editorially sound stories and your research shouldn’t feel self serving. Creating content that will engage and inform people is vital, so try to have the confidence to go beyond your product or service. Always think – why would an editor run this story?

Want to know more about how to use consumer research to get your brand in the news? Drop us a line.