We know the start of a new year is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finalising marketing and comms plans for your clients.

It’s important to keep things fresh but this can create pressure – how do you keep the results coming in for clients, while also creating something new?

While newsgen is a tried and tested formula, it also helps to breathe fresh air into your marketing plans for the year ahead and is proven to build success for your client. But why should you make it part of your plans for 2024? Read on to find out more.

1. It’s a traditional strategy which still works

We know PR is an ever evolving industry, but there are some traditional strategies which don’t have to feel old fashioned. Newsgen is one of them – it’s been around for a good few years but still works without going into outdated territory.

2. It’s proven to work and secure coverage

It’s good to take risks and try new strategies. But make sure you have some tried and tested methods in place too, to secure the strongest plans for your clients. When it’s done well, news gen always works – plus here at Gingercomms, each sell-in comes with a guaranteed KPI of at least two national hits, while we’ll always try to secure as much coverage as possible.

3. It perfectly complements the rest of your plan

The team at GC will always create a story which fits for your client and their messaging. We’ll work with you to ensure it’s perfect for the brand and what they want to say, as well as being in sync with the wider PR plan. News gen doesn’t need to feel clunky and can slot in perfectly with your plans.

4. Enhance your news gen story – or use it as the basis for a wider campaign

There’s plenty of ways to build upon a news gen release, including with images, social media assets and more, to help make the story attractive to a wider range of journalists. But we’re also seeing clients choose research as the foundation for a large campaign too. Using hard hitting stats to create awareness of an existing passion of your client’s or enhance a pre-planned campaign can be just as effective as a standalone news gen release.

5. It can make a brand feel fun and different

If you’re working with a household name, or a brand which has a reputation (good or otherwise), how can you get people thinking about it in a different way? News gen helps your client be seen in a different light. It’s a great way to try something new and unexpected, like uncovering a brand new trend or using a scientist or fun spokesperson. It can also help get others talking about your brand differently, or work towards an often much needed company facelift.

Want to know more about how news gen can help your brand in 2024? Drop us a line.