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Ginger Research can supply GLOBAL consultancy and stand out stats for any media campaign.

As the ONLY research company run by national newspaper editors and news editors, we are in a unique position to consult and advise on angles and questions.

With access to 32 markets including major countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia.


Our expertise

Who we work with

  • PR Agencies
  • Big Brands

Robust, quick turn-around stats

Ginger Research has direct access to a panel of 100,000 respondents in the UK – as well as international, specialist B2B and niche panels including; Ginger Parents, Ginger Kids, Ginger Women and Ginger Men.

Ginger Research data is provided in easy to read tables – alongside industry standard age, gender and region breaks.

Why we stand out

Ginger Research is the only research company in the UK with senior national news journalists and ex-newspaper Editors to consult on your research, craft your questions and create your stories

Serious stats, taken seriously

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Our coverage for Heinz, featured in The Guardian, March 30th, 2017.

Our panel

Ginger Research has direct access to a panel of 100,000 consumers in the UK and Worldwide. We offer international, specialist B2B and niche panels including:



access to 20,000 UK mums and dads



access to 10,000 UK children



access to 50,000 UK women



access to 50,000 UK men

Our methodology

Ginger Research data is provided in easy to read tables - alongside industry standard age, gender and region breaks. We also provide full PowerPoint slides with charts and graphs.

All survey questions are provided by our team of research experts – video or audio, single or multiple choice – and we offer a full translation service for International polling.

Ginger Research stats adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct, based on the ESOMAR principles.

With a background in national newspapers and online media – we are the only research agency in the UK which is run by former national journalists and editors.

Our stats hit the national newspapers and online news sites every day, so we are in a unique position to consult and advise on getting the MOST of you survey questions with unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the UK national media and what they are looking for.

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PR Research Done Right

Which story grabs your attention? The old anecdote you’ve heard a thousand times before, a brand new stat or a hot piece of gossip?

People read stats and survey led news – both in print and online.

But for your campaign to grab national and global attention, it needs PR research that’s fresh, unique and original.

With over 60 years’ combined experience in national news, we understand what kind of data makes a great story. Finding fresh angles that will set the world on fire is second nature to us. And as experts in public relations research, we know which questions to ask to get that news worthy data.

When you work with us, you receive a bespoke service. Unlike many research PR companies, we are also a consultancy, meaning that we can apply our deep knowledge of the media to your unique campaign and the people in your market.

No matter what your campaign is about, we can provide you with original, engaging, useful advertising and public relations research. Go Ginger and you get a hands-on service from people who treat you and your company as individuals.



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Our Research PR

Why is research so important in public relations and advertising?

Because PR research gets results. Press releases which include interesting, unique survey information perform better and stay around longer than those without facts to back them up.

PR research gets published, shared and quoted. Facts and survey results tell the world that you are an authority in your field, shows your customers that you listen and presents your brand as a thought leader.

In short, PR research works. We have our own facts to back this up. Our recent research in public relations has achieved UK-wide coverage in the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sun, Mirror, Express, Star, Daily Record and Metro.

Visit our Exposure page to see our full list of PR research success stories.


Research For PR Companies

Good PR research is the gift that keeps giving.

When you have detailed data on your audience, you have more to say. PR research is the fuel that can launch your squadron of press releases, news articles, advertising and blogs. With a tank of quality research PR, you never have to worry about a story being ‘thin’ – your stories have interest, credibility and sharing value. They’ll fly far, carrying brand awareness high with them.

Journalists, as we know from experience, need more than a load of figures. The audience that generates their clicks and buys their pages are, by and large, not excited by columns of numbers without context. Every day, ‘white papers’ and ground-breaking reports go from journalists’ desks to recycling bins without ever making the page. For you to get the best results from research PR , those statistics need to tell a story. A compelling story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, that you can work with.

We know the importance of formative research in public relations. As a research PR company, you need data that is well-presented, easy to understand and already halfway to being a stunning press release. Everything you receive from us will be presented in a clear format, broken down into age, gender and region. Need to present your shiny new research PR to a client? No problem – we provide PowerPoint slides with graphs as standard.


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Like you, we keep a hawkish eye on the news agenda. Our experience in PR and journalism means that we can work with you to provide research that truly supports and aligns with your campaign objectives. We aren’t a factory that churns out data – we’re an adaptable, thinking agency who can provide creative solutions and ideas to make sure the end result of our work is amazing coverage for your clients.

We know what we’re talking about. But we also know how to listen. You don’t survive for decades in PR and journalism without being nice people with a sense of humour, and we’re no exception. A friendly bunch, we take a hands-on approach and are always happy to discuss any questions you have as we go. Although we take our research PR seriously, you’ll find us warm, friendly and good-humoured.

Ask us a question or request a consultation today: you’ll receive honest, positive answers that get quickly to the core of your story.